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2:30 pm - 4:00 pm 佛法研讨(现在是“发菩提心经论”)
       3:30 pm - 4:00 pm 静坐
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2015 Summer Dharma Lecture Camp

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shuqi-1The Dallas Buddhist Association (DBA) will host a 2015 Summer Dharma Lecture Camp from July 29th to August 2nd. The DBA is honored to have Venerable Dharma teacher Jing Zhao give the lectures.

During this camp, Dharma teacher Jing Zhao will give the following lectures: “Brief discussion in Samantabhadra ten vows goods” and “Brief discussion in Heart Sutra”.

Date and Time:

  • Wednesday 07/29 - Saturday 08/01: 7 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Sunday 08/02: 9:30 am to 11:30 am

Place: DBA the White Horse Temple

          at 501 Apollo Rd. Richardson, TX 75081.

 Please join us to hear these important lectures and enjoy the Dharma bliss within ourselves!



About Venerable Dharma teacher Jing Zhao

He was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1958. He studied Physics at Tunghai University in 1978. During his junior year at Tunghai, he was introduced to Buddhism by joining the Buddhist Fasting Club sponsored by the Lien-Yin Temple. Later he took refuge under Dharma master Tsan Yun and formally became a Buddhist.

He was tonsured to become a monk in 1987 under the supervision of Dharma master Zhao Yin at the Jing Lu Temple. In December 1987 Dharma teacher Jing Zhao passed three big ordinations at Lin Ji Temple in Taipei, Taiwan. He entered the Chung Hwa Bodhi Dharma Graduate School in 1990, graduated in 1993, and remained there as a teacher in order to continue to educate new students. Dharma teacher Jing Zhao was the dean of Fu Yen Bodhi Dharma college,  professor at Fa Gu Shan Temple’s Monk College, Yi Tung Nun college, and Yuan Heng Nun college. His specialties are in “Path to become a Buddha”, “citta-matra”,  “Twenty discussions in citta-matra”, and “Discussion in absorb Mahayana” to name a few.


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2015 DBA 5-day Meditation program testimony

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2015-05-25 8005 8x10i

Dear Dallas Buddhist Association,

After contemplating what I've learned at the meditation retreat, I now have the motivation to spread my wisdom to those who wish for it. The wisdom of loving kindness may not change another person's life, but it will definitely impact him or her in a positive manner. As a suggestion for next year, more English copies of the wisdom discussed in the lectures will help those who can only understand English. Additionally, as a consideration for future retreats, if there is a greater number of participants under the age of 35, the lectures might need to be condensed or greatly simplified. Although I did not have too many problems with the lectures, I understand that there might be others who can't understand Mandarin Chinese as well as Buddha's complexity of truth; therefore, I highly recommend taking into consideration the age of the participant as well as his or her own knowledge of Buddhism. Although I was able to eat the food provided for me throughout the 5 days, others around my age might not be able to. In regards to the younger participants, fruit juice, salads, tomatoes, or any other American vegetarian foods can be great additions for breakfast and lunch. Even with these minor concerns, I was still able to enjoy the meditation retreat, to practice calming and focusing my mind, and to gain a better understanding of myself.

Thank you for letting me attend the retreat.

Victor Nguyen




This year’s five day meditation program was very beneficial to the participants in many ways.  In addition to having long periods of sitting and walking meditation, we received dharma teachings from Sister Christine, who has vast knowledge of the Buddhist sutras, as well as a very detailed and lively teaching style. The main topic of this year’s retreat dealt with Endurance. Learning to develop this quality, can help us diminish anger and deal skillfully with difficult situations. There were also Pureland teachings.  In addition to meditating, learning dharma from a knowledge teacher,  spending  time with dedicated dharma students, and enjoying good food and a smoothly run retreat,  we also had the opportunity to take refuge and precepts. The five days passed quickly, but the benefits we gained from this retreat will go with us into our daily lives deepening our practice of meditation and the Dharma.

Susan Buck

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2015 DBA 5-day Meditation program

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5 days medi-engThe Dallas Buddhist Association (DBA) will have its annual 5-day Meditation program with an orientation the night before, starting May 20 (from 7:30pm) and continuing through May 25, 2015. The program will be held at 501 Apollo Road, Richardson, Texas 75081. As in the past, the monastics from Fa Yun Prajna Monastery in New Mexico will guide the meditation program and give the Dharma talk.

Venerable Chi Yueh has many years of empirical meditation experience and a wealth of experience in Buddhist teachings. During the last two years, she led the Samatha/Vipassana Insight meditation at DBA, and she and the assistant nuns are highly regarded by meditators. Under her careful guidance in the "Person empty" and "Phenomenon empty" teachings guide, the meditators were taught to see their own mind and how to reduce distraction in the mind and gain stability in the practice.

In order to schedule the meditation program to fit every person’s schedule, we will divide everyday’s program into 3 periods: morning (8am – 11am), afternoon (2pm -5pm) and evening (6:30pm – 8:30pm). We encourage you to attend all three for the entire duration of the program. For those who are unable to attend the complete program, please look at the attached program schedule for available dates and time period that work for you.

For registration, please send an email to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

Please specify clearly your

1.Name, 2.Gender, 3.Age, 4.Phone#, 5.Housing(y/n),

6.attending dates(or whole dates), 7.which period in attending dates,

8. meals: breakfast (y/n) lunch (y/n).

5-days meditation program schedule download

Please use the subject/header line “Notice for 5-day Meditation program” and we will reply with an acknowledgment of your registration. Thank you.

 People’s thought & experience after attending the 5-day Meditation program

(1) One person’s thought:

“It says that there’s 84,000 practice ways in Buddha’s teaching. But all of them center around “concentration” & “insight”, these two cultivations. “Concentration” is to stop distracted thought in our mind, and “insight” is to gain wisdom by analyzing nature of observed object. They each has many different methods. <please click this link for more articles>



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2014 Fall Retreat

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The 2014 Fall Retreat is scheduled  for October 18-26 and will be led by Venerable Chih Yueh(aka. Sister Christine) from the Fa Yun Prajna Monastery in New Mexico. For those who are interested, please send your registration early for the best arrangement (cut-off date: October 9).

Ven. Chih Yueh(aka. Sister Christine) will also be at the Dallas Buddhist Association on Thursday, October 10 to begin a series of Buddhism Dharma talks including the Pure Land Learning in English, Chinese and Vietnamese before the Fall Retreat starts. Please plan to come early.

Call (972-234-4401) for additional information.

Oct. 10: Ven. Chih Yueh(aka. Sister Christine arrives DBA in the evening.

Oct. 11: Dharma talk in English, 9:30 ~ 11:30 am (Topic: 8 consciousnesses)

Oct. 12: Dharma talk in Chinese, 9:30 ~ 11:30 am (Topic: 念佛法門)

Oct. 13 ~ 15: Pure Land Learning and Dharma Talk & Q&A, 7 ~ 9:00 pm

                      (Monday,Tuesday, Chinese; Wednesday, Vietnamese)

Oct. 18: Retreat Check In, whole day. (Purification at 7:00 pm)

Oct. 19: Eight Precept, at 8:00 am, then Start the 1st day of Amitabha Chanting to 10/25

Oct. 26: Thrice Yearning Ceremony  9:00am ~ 8:30pm

Download Registartion Form

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